• It is estimated that 94% of India’s workforce are in unorganised sector that contribute to about 50% of its economy (or GDP). Unorganised sector is characterised by lack of any single employer who addresses workers’ rights such as safety, social security like health-care / disability / old-age pension etc.

Condition of Female Workers:

The International Labour Organisation says that Women represent:

i) 50% of population

ii) 30% of the labour force

iii) Perform 60% of all working hours

iv) Receive 10% of the world’s Income

v) Own less than 1% of the world’s property.

• Construction and domestic workers as well as agricultural labour and street vendors amongst others are part of unorganised sector work-force. NIRMANA works for unorganised sector workers in general and specifically for construction and domestic workers (estimated at 44 and 4.8 million respectively in India during 2009-10).

Construction workers migrate from one work-site to another often with their families living in deplorable and unhygienic conditions. We ensure that existing legislation for construction workers that provides benefits and social security are implemented on ground.

Domestic workers are usually women and adolescent girls from marginalised communities many of whom are trafficked from tribal areas to fulfil a massive demand in the cities. Many others lead a life of discrimination and exploitation at their work place. We are advocating for a legislation to provide regulation of work and social security of domestic workers as India is a signatory to ILO Convention (C-189) on "Decent Work for Domestic Workers". Watch this video to understand entitlements of domestic workers like any other worker [Video © ILO ]

Our Founder : Mr Subhash Bhatnagar


• NIRMANA (pronounced nirmaan (निर्माण) meaning “to build”) envisions an India wherein unorganised sector workers are empowered to achieve social security and dignified livelihoods.

• In order to achieve our objective, NIRMANA engages with any or every stakeholder; people’ representatives, government departments, civil society organisations, social movements and academicians.


We see NIRMANA as an economic justice organisation that believes in equal allocation of benefits among all participants of the economy.

NIRMANA undertakes its work for unorganised sector workers in general and specifically construction and domestic workers, in three critical areas :-

• National Campaigns
• Public Education and Policy Change
• Dignified Livelihoods

We Empower Unorganised Sector Workers
to Speak Up!


National Campaigns

Building Peoples Movements

Providing a voice to the unorganised sector workers

Dignified Livelihoods

Access to Livelihoods

Skill building, entrepreneurial development, vocational training and placement services


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