Domestic workers (Registration social
security and welfare ) Act 2008
Statement of objects and reasons
  1. The board shall maintain such registers and records giving such particulars of domestic workers employed the nature of work performed by the domestic.
    worker, and such other particulars in such form as may be prescribed.
  2. Facilitate the settlement of disputes through conciliation as per the procedure provided under the Act.
  3. Maintain proper records of the beneficiaries under the fund.
  4. Renewal of registration certificate.
  5. Issue of identity card for the beneficiaries.
  6. Disseminate information on available social security schemes for the Workers;
  7. Authorize the WFC to act as an authorized intermediary in collecting contributions from the workers and others as mandated under the Act and remit them to the district Board;
  8. Training, imparting skills to domestic workers;
  9. Implement any schemes or any welfare measures framed by the central Board in consultation with State Boards.
10. Powers of the District Board
  1. Subject to any rules by the State Government in this behalf, the Board may, within the local limits.
  2. Make such examination and hold such inquiry as may be necessary for ascertaining whether the provisions of this Act have been or are being complied within any place or premises:.
  3. Require the production of any document, record or evidence (written or oral).
  4. Enter, with such assistance as it may consider necessary, at all times any place or premises if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that any domestic worker has or is being subjected to any form of sexual exploitation or wrongfully confined in any such place or premises or rescue any child being used employed as a domestic worker.
  5. Every employer shall accord to the Board , all reasonable facilities in the discharge of his duties under this Act.
  6. Each District board shall have the same powers as are vested in civil court under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (5 of 1908), when adjudicating a dispute in respect of the following matters, namely -.
  7. enforcing the attendance of any person and examining him on oath;
  8. compelling the production of documents and material objects;
  9. issuing commissions for the examination of witnesses;
  10. in respect of such other matters as may be prescribed;
  1. Notwithstanding anything contained in any law for the time being in force, all domestic workers, employers or service providers shall be registered as per procedure hereinafter prescribed.
  2. Every employer / service provider and domestic worker wherever applicable, shall within one month of the commencement of the employment of domestic worker, in the household, shall submit to the District Board or any person so authorized by the District Board, application along with prescribed fee ,for registration , providing such details as prescribed.
  3. Provided that the Board or any such person so authorized may entertain any such application for registration after expiry of the period fixed in this behalf, if satisfied that the applicant had sufficient cause from making the application in time.
  4. Where a domestic worker undertakes part time work in two or more households and is not engaged through any placement agency, it shall be the duty of such domestic worker to register with the District Board.
  5. Provided further that where such worker is engaged through any agency and works in more than one household, it shall be the duty of such agency to register the worker.
  6. where a domestic worker leaves the work in a district and moves to any other area in any part of the territory of India and takes up work in any household in such part either on his/her own or through any agency or middleman, it shall be the duty of such worker or agency or middleman, to inform the concerned Board where so registered regarding the move and register with the Board At the place where work has been taken up.
  7. Notwithstanding anything contained in provisions above, where a domestic worker is engaged through a middleman or agency or service provider for work in any household , it shall be the duty of such agency or middleman or service provider and not of the main employer in whose household such worker works , to register as per the procedure prescribed.