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Dear Sunil Gupta,

As you may be aware, the National Campaign Committee for Unorganised Sector Workers (NCC-USW) plans to organise a Mass Rally to Parliament on May 5, 2005, to demand the enactment of comprehensive and implementable legislation to provide social security and welfare measures for the country's 37 crore unorganised sector workers. Despite comprising 93 percent of India's productive workforce, these workers have so far been kept out of the purview of all labour laws and protections.

In an era when the gains made by organized sector workers through years of valiant struggle are being rapidly eroded, and large numbers are being pushed out into the unorganized sector, we believe that it is of strategic importance to raise the demand for protection for all workers.

Recognising your vital role in furthering the interests of the working class, I appeal to you to join the Campaign and Rally. A Reception Committee for the rally has been formed under my Chairmanship which include eminent people from Delhi. A Solidarity Committee is being formed of eminent persons from outside Delhi. I would request you to kindly give your consent to being a member of the Solidarity Committee. Your presence would be a source of considerable support to us. Should you wish to nominate one or two other members of your organization to the Solidarity Committee, we would welcome their presence as well.

We believe that the Rally and the signature campaign on a Petition to Parliament will give a thrust to the process of enactment of legislation for the benefit of unorganized workers. Since the Ministry of Labour is currently engaged in the task of appointing a drafting committee for such legislation, our intervention at this juncture could lead to a positive outcome.

Consensus on the issue of legislation among the Central Trade Unions, unions of different sections of the unorganized sector and other concerned organizations, and their joint participation in the signature campaign and Rally, will strengthen the case of the unorganized sector workers.

Kindly communicate to me or to the campaign coordinators, your consent to be a member of the Solidarity Committee by e-mail or telephone so that we can publish the names of members of the committee and call a meeting. Shri V.P. Singh, former Prime Minister has already given his consent to address the rally on Unorganized Sector Workers at Delhi on 5th May 2005.

A copy of the petition to the Petitions Committee of the Parliament is enclosed with this circular. You are requested to start a signature campaign on the petition and to also help in collecting financial contributions for the rally. Contribution by cheque can be made as payable to 'National Campaign Committee for Unorganized Sector Workers'.

Thanking you for your cooperation,