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Baba Adhav
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S. Bhatnagar
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R. Venkataramani
Sr. Advocate- Supreme Court
Geetha R.
South Regional

25th October, 2006.

Dear Friends,

This is further to our circular dt. 7th Oct, 2006 and the National Workshop on Legislation for Unorganised Sector Workers held at Delhi on 19th Oct, 2006. This workshop started at B. T. R. Bhawan under the chairmanship of Shri R. A. Mittal and Shri. S. N. Thakur since the designated chairpersons of the workshop Shri Surendra Mohan and Dr. Baba Adhav reached the workshop from Mumbai and Pune in the afternoon. Besides representatives of Central Trade Unions, Agriculture Workers organisations, the representatives of NCC-USW, NCL, NTUI and SEWA also participated in the meeting. We are enclosing the concencus reached at this workshop in the form of an Appeal to the Prime Minister and all other concerned minister and members of Parliament. The workshop also decided to organise a dharna during the next session of Parliament in which prominent persons will also be invited to participate in support of the cause of Unorganised Sector Workers and state level convention at State Capitals to support the cause of unorganised sector workers.

We are giving the future programmes of NCC-USW in short since we are in a hurry to leave for the National Convention on Social Security for Unorganised Workers which is being organised by a Consortium of NGO with secretariat at CEC at Nagpur from 26th – 28th Oct, 2006. We are sure that you would have received the invitation and we will be meeting you at Nagpur.

Soon after that at the Indian Social Forum, Delhi we are organising a Conference on Unorganised Sector Workers on 10th Nov, 2006 and a Seminar / Workshop on Construction Workers and Domestic Workers on 12th Nov, 2006. On 11th we will participate in the Programme to be organised by Central Trade Unions. On 12th Nov, 2006 there will also be programme on the Birthday of Shri Madhu Dandwate.

All the constituents of NCC-USW participating in ISW are requested to participate in these two programmes. You are also requested to confirm your programme regarding organizing a State level convention of Unorganised Sector Workers and your participation in the dharna at Parliament during the next session of Parliament.    

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Subhash Bhatnagar